“San Anton”

“San Anton”

Although originally written as a country/folk song, “San Anton” evolved into the hardest rocking song on The Journey. This pace was set by drummer Ron Simasek, who offered an unambiguous approach which elevated the song’s energy exponentially.

The core of the song derived from Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” with subsequent sections built later by composer and vocalist Ric Albano. During the extended bridge section, guitarist Bret Alexander provides incredible harmonized electric guitars that bring the track’s quality up to the next level.

Song Details

Track #1 on the 2017 album The Journey
Composed by Ric Albano in February 2017
Recorded Saturation Acres in 2017
Produced by Bret Alexander
Ric Albano – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bret Alexander – electric guitars, bass, organ
Ron Simasek – drums


If you see my oldest brother
Out upon the checkered, fruited plain
Please reveal that I’m still living, loving merciful
And giving all the wisdom I obtain

If there are secrets to charisma
My well-paid alchemists have not revealed
To convey just what is and what is not
Is the paradox upon which I must deal
It’s just a part of the deal

In the shadows of the statues
Carved in solid rock three thousand years
I’ll declare that I’m still living, loving merciful
Through blood, perspiration and tears

No one told me that the journey
Would be more frictional than be smooth
And so I drudge on through the thicked brush
In a slightly panicked rush to execute all I need to do
It’s all I have to do, to see this whole thing through

Inspiration is for amateurs
The professional gets to work right away
To change direction while the journey’s good,
Makes it understood, the cost of agony
You lose for good the moss of apathy
Eventually we all pass by this way
And it’s a magical day

Revelations through a richer light
Escape the common night
And burn the blues away
You cherish sign posts on the winding road
Embracing new and old and wisdom of the few
The burning signs and silent purviews
Prudence is a cardinal virtue
It all comes down to what you really do
What now will you do?

If you see my oldest brother
Please tell him to give me a call

© 2017 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

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