“Found Love”

“Found Love”

“Found Love” was written by Ric Albano in late 2016 as a tribute to his wife Karyn as they approached their 20th wedding anniversary. The lyrics were written in a single morning at Fort Hunter Park on the banks of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, with the line “I gazed out at the field and I saw the lion gathering his yield…” being recycled from an earlier, now defunct Imaginary Lines song called “999 Escape”. Musically, this bright, upbeat song was written on acoustic guitar which is complimented by mandolin and country-flavored electric guitar by Bret Alexander and drums by Ron Simasek.

Below is a music video of my new song “Found Love”. Footage was shot by Karyn Albano during a recent trip down South and has scenes in five different states, including some historic locales such as Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Alabama, Sun Record Company and Stax Records in Memphis, B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center, Dockery Farms, and various other sites in the Mississippi Delta including the cool The Shack Up Inn in Clarksdale, MS.

Song Details

Track #4 on the 2017 album The Journey
Composed by Ric Albano in November 2016
Recorded at Saturation Acres in 2017
Produced by Bret Alexander
Ric Albano – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bret Alexander – mandolin, electric guitars, bass, organ
Ron Simasek – drums


I stared out at the sea, horizons of infinity
And wondered if it could possibly be enough
The visions of the day would quickly melt away
Without the prospect of a found love

I’m rocking on my swing and contemplating everything
‘Til I decide to spread my wings and soar
A sweet and unexpected opportunity rapped at my door
And I found love

The rivers flow to the sea, the confluence of eternity
Reflective personalities in the tide
And though we tread upon slippery rocks
And fear the ever-ticking clocks
We never break our stride, side by side

I gazed out at the field and saw the lion gathering his yield
And we gave each other nods of mutual respect
Sometimes this world gives you
More than you initially expect, a found love

So fine to help each other climb
Im anticipation of what we’ll find when we reach above
A wonderful display, a vivid palette each and every day
Our found love

© 2016-2017 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records