Composed by Ric Albano on May 24, 2020
From the album The Girl with No Name by Sinclair Soul
Released on August 13, 2021

The third track on the 2021 Sinclair Soul album The Girl with No Name, this song was written by Ric Albano in 2020.



Ric Albano – lead vocals, acoustic guitars, bass
Bret Alexander – electric guitars, backing vocals
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion

Lyrics for “Canadians”

Once was a man from a northern land with an out-sized hunger for knowledge
He didn’t believe that this would be achieved only through indoctrinal college
So he chose the hill upon which he’d stand still
As a million eyes brought him in focus
Some where enthused, others crass and confused
As the clichés they prized were deemed bogus

A line traversed, Rubicon crossed for better or worse
It was just his curse

The professor arrived in a particular ride and a plethora of objects to beat on
He tempered the time with a mathematical prime, all while averse to the neon
In a horror-filled year his soul was ripped from its gears
And he embarked on a journey to find it
Traversing the land while never tipping his hand
For with this song it’s futile to time it

A soul reborn, a deeper truth divulged as he mourned

Most days will melt into each other with scarcely any question
And the time goes by so swiftly while we focus on what is pedestrian
And we get so mired within the minutia of re-positioning pawns
And we never notice Canadians ’til they’re gone
We never notice Canadians ’til they’re gone
So we’ll muster up the courage to carry on, to carry on

Amazing Grace will fall upon us
Amelia will smile down from the sky
We will fall in love again on this continent
We will ride aboard that fever train
A journey best experienced under this sky
A maple leaf shaped constellation up high
And we never notice Canadians, we never see the Canadians,
We never heed the Canadians while they thrive, while they’re still alive

Changing the world to one that’s lesser in peril
Always starts in your own little spaces
Giving your all, going forth rise or fall
May just work if you’re in the right places

The chaos is left behind, an anthem of the heart and the mind


© 2020-2021 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records