Another Rock to Roll by Ric Albano

Another Rock to Roll by Ric Albano

Another Rock to Roll is the second solo record by Ric Albano of Sinclair Soul, and it will be released in digital format on November 9, 2022. The tracks of original songs were all composed by Ric Albano with Ric recording each of every instrument of this another truly “solo” record.

The album features compositions, of various styles, that were composed during various phases of Ric’s musical career. The earliest tunes originated in the mid-2000s with the most recent being written in 2021 and 2022, following the release of the latest Sinclair Soul album, The Girl with No Name. A good portion of this material (and it’s modified name) came from a shelved planned album by Ric circa 2012-2013 which was to be called One More Rock Left to Roll.

The 13 tracks on Another Rock to Roll were recorded and mixed from January through October 2022, with Ric providing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica, drums and percussion. Sinclair Soul drummer Ron Simasek offered his basement, instruments and consultation in guiding Ric through his new adventures in rhythm with mastering provided by Bret Alexander.


Songs from Another Rock to Roll

  1. Rock Song (2:10)
  2. Mr. Happiness (4:02)
  3. Chapel Hill Road (3:52)
  4. The Optimist Speaks (5:35)
  5. Love Song (4:17)
  6. That Moment (3:46)
  7. I’m Your Man (2:50)
  8. Just 15 Days (3:01)
  9. Human Song (3:00)
  10. Cassandra (5:07)
  11. Old Dogs (2:54)
  12. Rebel Rebel (3:45)
  13. Freedom Song (4:37)


Produced and Engineered by Ric Albano
Mastered by Bret Alexander
All songs composed and arranged by Ric Albano



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