“Delicately Dancing the Dogwhistle Diddy”

“Delicately Dancing the Dogwhistle Diddy”

The final track on Reflections of Relevance was the most fun to make. Developed by Ric Albano as a multi-part, upbeat acoustic folk song, drums and percussion were next added by Ron Simasek as he portrayed his best John Bonham circa “Bron Y Aur Stomp”. Bret Alexander then added all the sonic candy, coming up with separate dobro, mandolin, bass, multiple guitar parts and the mid-section psychedelic effects, all in a single afternoon session.

The song is played in ‘drop D’ tuning and its title is derived from the working title “Drop D for Dog” (as it originally had some dog-friendly lyrics). The final lyrics tell a fable by a deity who creates beautiful landscapes for the woman he desires only to lament her apathy and lack of appreciation, until he finally decides to move on and create a new world.


Ric Albano – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bret Alexander – guitars, mandolin, dobro, bass, percussion
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion


I have traveled such a long way
Through space and time just to play you my guitar
I felt secure in where I was but lost your eminence because
My emotions, they stretched a bit too far

In the gardens of Gethsemane I revealed my doubt and my rage
Summer quickly turned to Fall, and at the harvest I recall
A sweet sunflower moment where we’d engaged

The actor gave his masterpiece performance in the rain
The actress drew from her last cigarette
Then promptly went insane, she went insane

I have weaved the very fabric of a landscape unexplored by mankind
Took a glance at what I’d done, but wept alone, no joy was won
Oh, there’s got to be more treasure left to mine

The sorcerer refused to entertain this point of view
The sorceress concocted medicine in a bid to break on through,

Though, a way on through
Oh, oh, a covenant renewed
Oh oh-oh-oh, this fool will get his due
I’ve seen the world’s miseries and I blame them all on you

I’ve traveled such a distance to recuperate everything I’m owed
Walked about on solid ground, then shockingly learned you had drowned
Oh, the seasons have been sold

The widow lit a candle to try and remedy her blue
The widower drank his poisoned cup, then he suddenly broke on through

Through, time to see this through
Oh, oh, cease being the fool
Oh oh-oh-oh, that everybody knew
I’ve felt the world’s apathy and I want to start anew

© 2017-2018 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records