The Optimist Speaks

Composed by Ric Albano
between October 2012 and August 2013

Faster and faster she strived to be
The last saving grace of her village
She burned her own castle
Depriving me of my endless desire to pillage

And take what I want and shatter détente
And chase after everything brought forth by anything gold
Deep in the night, I’ll search for the light
‘Til I can see nothing but blue sky
The optimist speaks of traversing peaks
And vantage points of endless blue sky

Lining her shields with obstinance
Stoned and heartbroken from the strife
Cherishing the customs
And scoffing at the trends
Has left her alone, so alone in her life

Do you know who I am?
Can you recite my plan?
Just to live for the pleasure
Of living another day
Deep in the core, there’s an unlocked door
Which opens to infinite blue sky
The perfect retreat from bearing defeat
So I can see nothing but blue sky above

The balance between
Good faith and good diligence
Has huddled the halls of my thoughts
Can one ever be honored in the present tense?
When a fortune and a throne he has not

We scooped him up and we gave him a cup
And we absorbed all the meaningless drivel that he’d speak
We have waited for years
In hopes that he’ll wake up
But the boy has been absent
For weeks and weeks and weeks

Words in the air, fly above your hair
Words from the depths of despair
My words are like airplanes
That fly above your head
And they won’t be considered until I’m dead
Empty sermons to the head
You won’t believe a word I said
Until I’m dead
You won’t believe a word I said
Until I’m dead

To my right there is a garden
Brimming with hope
To my left there’s a vagabond
Whispering ancient songs
Telling me there is no use
In my trying to cope
Yet still I go on…

© 2012-2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.