Love Song

Composed by Ric Albano
between September 1991 and April 2013

Been told to dream in bounds of reality
Dream within society’s margins of variety
I know what love is, I know what love can be
And I know that love is a vehicle to be free

Been sold a barrel full of mendacity
It took some time to find the track to hack the way back to me
And now I know – I know what love is
I know what love can be and I…
I know what love risks
Results of troubles or treats

So glad that you are on your game
So glad you’ll never have to taste the pain
Well, that’s over now, yes it’s gone
So far how it seemed so good
Until you suddenly found yourself misunderstood
And that’s over now, yes it’s gone
We came together
But couldn’t stand the weather
And we soon lost perspective on those moments we had tethered
Is there nothing for you here
Nothing for you now
Nothing you could fear
That cannot be extinguished with a vowel
But it’s all over now

She wore a stare that was as cold as steel
And refused to respond when I gave my spiel
Is it over now? Yes it’s gone!
Still I face one direction
Search for infinite perfection
An honest optimism is my predilection
Cascading bag of tricks with a mind that’s partly sick
The perfect situation dissolved much way too quick
What could have been
What should have been
What might have been
Had we just given some more time

Echoed words within my head
Subsisting long beyond all has been done and said
What preserves my choices when your choices have left me dead?
To move on (I move on), so long (so long)
Long gone (long gone), swan song
Move on, move on, a long so long
You’re gone, I’m on to sing my swan song
The finest work that you have ever done
The finest song that you have ever sung
Let it go, let it go
Everything has ebb and flow
We’ll regroup again tomorrow and perform another show
And I have to realize
That she had a great disguise
But to take one look at her burned a hole right through my eyes
Oh how it burns my eyes

I know what love is, I know what love can be
And I know that love is
A swift reprise and a compromise
And an exercise that can paralyze
And a vehicle to be free
I want to be free!
Lord, let me be free
Oh, how I want to be free…

© 1991-2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.