The Last Day of February

The Last Day of FebruaryThis song is probably the least lyrically cohesive on the album, but it is certainly an interesting jam musically. In fact, the recording is a combination of two songs written by Ric Albano around 2006. The remnants of the original “Last Day of February” are the short intro chords as well as their reprise under the closing guitar lead, while the lyrical heart of the track comes from a song called “Deuce”, which was included in a 2010 charity compilation called Dollars for Diane.

As he does on every track on The Journey, Ron Simasek plays drums on this track. However, this is the only track on the album to feature guitarist Erik Trabert, who provides a cool, slightly psychedelic guitar solo during the track’s coda. In addition to lead vocals, Ric Albano plays bass, a Wurli-like electric piano, Hammond-style organ, along with providing the dueling synth solos during the song’s lead section.

Song Details

Track #6 on the 2017 album The Journey
Composed by Ric Albano as “Deuce” in August 2006, derived in April 2016
Recorded Saturation Acres & Cygnus Wave Studios in 2008 & 2016
Produced by Ric Albano
Ric Albano – vocals, piano, keyboards, bass
Erik Trabert – guitars
Ron Simasek – drums

Listen to the Song:


I still remember how she chased me around
The first time that I walked across her floor
And I ran and I ran but she persisted behind
Until I could not run no more

She disclosed most earnestly, a galactic anomaly
Of how the laws of physics won’t apply to me
So disregarding any costs, I charged forward, fingers crossed
Feeling the quest was meant to be

But what more could we expect when we have got a slanted deck
An heirloom based on fables that aren’t true
Give an honest man such power
And sooner or later it will turn sour
As darker demons are let loose
Between reposeful sips of juice

Every once in a while there is a hint of a smile
And a feeling that something may be new
But where is the justice for a sincere soul?
What is a man supposed to do?
What is a man supposed to do?

We often spoke of valiant days
When we would bounce from shore to shore,
On an everlasting quest to find some truth
Until one bitter one in May when we opened up that door
And felt reality’s sharp tooth

Now all that we can do to keep our heads on fire
Is to conjure up a bigger dose
So we talk to the walls and wait for coveted calls
Until the time gets much too close
The wrath of some ancient ghost

Every once in a while there’ll be a moment of denial
That there’s nothing beyond our simple zoo
Until the cultivated soul receives his moment of trial…
What is a man supposed to do?
What is a man supposed to do?
Designed to be a born a poor, pathetic fool
Just what is a man supposed to do?

Oh, I’m such a fool, waiting here in February
Waiting on the sun, oh is it ever gonna come?

© 2006-2017 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

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