Better Days, Better Ways

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Here is the first track on the upcoming 2019 album The Good Guys. This song will be the oldest composition on the album, written by Ric Albano in 2013, originally for the sole purpose of being a warm up / soundcheck song for a gig.


Ric Albano – vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Bret Alexander – electric guitars
Paul Smith – bass
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion


Can you save another soul?
From the jaws of disillusionment, towards a better goal
Just leave it alone until you know

Will you build another bridge this evening?
Or view the world from within your own island destiny
Where you will own all that you see

Are you justified in causing your commotion?
Are you dignified in purging emotions?
Well, I see a better day coming soon,
I see a better way coming soon
Can you dig it mama?

Will you work on a new scheme this weekend?
Look your future in the eye and promise not to blink?
It’s not as easy as you may think

Are you justified in speaking truth to power?
Are you dignified in telling us what you see?
Well, I see a better day coming soon,
I see a better way coming soon
I see a better way, I see a better day,
Better days better ways, better days better ways, oh oh
Can you dig it mama?

© 2013-2019 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

Ric, Bret, Paul, Ron

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