Tommy’s Got a Gun

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The first part of the lyrics to “Tommy’s Got a Gun” was written by Ric Albano shortly after the suicide of author Hunter S. Thompson in February 2005. A few months later Thompson’s suicide note was published and Albano quoted this directly to complete the lyrics for this eventual song.

“Tommy’s Got a Gun” was not put to music until 2008 and it was an briefly rehearsed by the group Animal Society before Albano and Guitarist Erik Trabert decided to record it for the Imaginary Lines 33 release in 2009.


Ric Albano – vocals, piano, bass
Erik Trabert – guitar
Ron Simasek – drums


The Hunter could not stand it no more, couldn’t stand his Aspen slums
He pranced about like a dignitary, but his heart paled to that of a bum
It was so easy to travel the “Heming-way”

He reached out with both arms and he embraced surrender
For he could see no solace in yet another cheap bender
No longer was it easy to face the setting sun

So Tommy got his gun, away from life he chose to run
Project him towards the setting sun in 6 months

The Hunter could not fake it no more, he could not shift the blame
For football season is over now, there will be no more games
No more bombs, no more walking, no more fun, Tommy’s got a gun

You are getting greedy now, act your old age
17 more than we needed, 17 more than we wanted
Relax, this won’t hurt…

© 2005-2018 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

Tommy's Got a Gun

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