Searching for the Perfect Sunday

Composed by Ric Albano
between July 2008 and August 2013

Is it such a crime that we should waste our time
Searching for the perfect Sunday?
When it’s hard to claim
That we’re not overdue
Would it be so fine if we could cross that line
To where tomorrow is no longer just “someday”
Will I get to spend that day with you?

Will we put at stake our children’s fate
To take the chances laid before us?
And dance towards the light from which others flee
Can we break the curse of the stuttered verse and strike the perfect chorus?
And finally taste the air of being free

With wanderlust and a trail of dust
We were off to California
San Diego better warn ya
That the kids are on the way
We would shred the gloom and then own the room
But got tangled in a sudden twist
Disappointment shrouded over us quick
Ye ole’ devil played a dirty trick
God, it’s cold outside today

With the severed ropes and the highest hopes
We were off to California
Pasadena better hide your roses
‘Cause the dogs are headed your way
We would sweep the floor and finally close that door
But got blindsided by the drive
Which had eaten our hopes alive
Will we ever get a chance to thrive?
Can we ever have a hope to survive?
Man, it’s cold outside on this bitter day

Is it such a fantasy to think
That we can ever arrive there some day?
Healthy, whole, and free of connected strings
It’s not out of line to spend some time
Searching for the perfect Sunday
When who knows what tomorrow brings?
I challenge you to someday leave the comfort zone
Break the bitter drone, roll your stone
Someday you’ll have to go it alone

Don’t be afraid to know it
Don’t be afraid to show it
Don’t be afraid to build it alone…
Construct a universe that’s brief, succinct, and terse
Within the realm that only you own
Alone, a realm that is yours alone
Depart the comfort zone…

© 2008-2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.