One Reflective Fool

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Clocking in at nearly nine minutes long, “One Reflective Fool” is the longest track, by far, on this album. The track is actually a medley songs which were recorded over the course of years and in multiple studios, held together by a linking section which gives Reflections of Relevance its title.

The first part is derived from the song which gave the Imaginary Lines project its name before being released with the title “One” on Imaginary Lines I in 2005. With complete overhaul of the lyrics and theme (tackling the subject of depression) in 2017, this section has been re-branded as “Another One”. After the transitional “Reflections of Relevance” section, come the hard-rocker “The Fool’s Overture”, which was originally released on Imaginary Lines II in 2007.


Ric Albano – vocals, piano, bass, keyboards
Bret Alexander – lead guitars on “Another One”
Erik Clapton – lead guitars on “The Fool’s Overture”
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion


I. “Another One”

The weight of the world has descended upon my shoulders
With every choice I make so vital to the plight
It used to be, clearer to see, the path rolled out before me
But now every step I make is a spirit draining existential fight
In a perpetually dimmed light

Where there was once One, now there appears to be another one
Hesitant sense of mission through a half-hearted wind of change
Has there appeared another one?
I query my integrity on a cliff above a glassy rock black terrain,
Piercing, drizzled rain

The light of the sky, is searing my concentration
As cool vanilla clouds dissolve into a glare
I’m gazing back through hills of time, though they seem so much different
A foggy perspective makes me wonder how did I get here from over there
And will the road lead me anywhere?

I used to see One but now there’s distortions and ambiguities
Futile commitments through a much bolder mission of change
How will I ever broaden the range?
I claim my authority on a cliff above a rock n’ roll refrain,
While barely sane

What is this other one?
A humbled apprentice of a rehashed social contract
An island of universes reliant on whimsy faith

II. “Reflections of Relevance”

How can I know just who you are? Do you know who you really are? You…
Who’s glided over hilltops in a twilight of an innocence
Who’s tread upon seedy streets in a dawning of a decadence

Do you know who you really are?
Priorities of gravity endure within reflections of relevance

III. “The Fool’s Overture”

Was the joke on you this time?
Did it once feel as though you had finally got across that line?
Did you dress up well today?
Get well prepared to play?
Just to be banned you from the stage?

Is she waiting in the wings?
Fawning and hanging onto every blessed lyric that you sing?
Did she dress you up to play?
Boast your morale today?
Use her deep insight to gauge?

Has the air escaped the room?
Once all had realized that you are imminently doomed?
Did this world just pass you by?
Deny your one last try?
Was the joke on you this time?

Subtle on the surface, inferno in the soul
The search goes on forever, but no one seems to know
The past reveals no sign for the burden that was wrought
Mystic heated whine, get some while it’s hot

© 2004-2018 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

One Reflective Fool

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