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“Lorelei” is a very unique track in the Sinclair Soul collection, as the recording on The Nine Fine Lines version of “Lorelei” is a mosaic of bits and pieces recorded at various studios of the course of 14 years. The original demo was recorded at Cygnus wave Studios in 2004 and has remained the main backbone of the song ever since with bass guitar, “saxophone” and percussion elements remaining. In 2005, a new version was recorded at Saturation Acres but this version was ultimately determined to be too slow. However, Bret Alexander’s guitar lead was pulled from that session and meticulously edited to fit with the faster-paced demo. In 2017, Ron Simasek transformed the track by adding some free form drums.

Lyrically, the origins of the song were strongly philosophical and political (see here for the story of the song’s lyrical origin). Howeer, this seemed a little dated by the time a finalized version of “Lorelei” was being considered for the Nine Fine Lines album. So in the Spring of 2018, brand new lyrics were written and new lead and backing vocals were recorded by Ric Albano to complete this song’s long journey.


Ric Albano – vocals, piano, synths, bass, Percussion
Bret Alexander – guitar
Ron Simasek – drums


It’s within the crux of of this world to trade in loves and in hates
From that cool pool of benign to those fiery sharp gates
I really gained some momentum right there just before the end
Still it aint so easy being Lorelei’s friend

She put a curse on the purse strings that bought my new home
I slip and slide as I climb along the side of the dome
And wonder whether or not this approach has been born of short sight
I suspect Lorelei’s silent hand in my plight

You don’t want it? You’ve got to have it and I insist that you grab it!
You don’t feel it? I have not chosen to reveal it! Now go beg or borrow or steal it!

Shin deep in slimy, swampy, dank inland sea,
The bureau’s witch doctors demand more money
While Johnny Bravo charges that I’m a cheat
I won fair and square just accept your defeat!

So now I’m scorned by a wench who can’t pronounce my last name
And shattered my faith in the law to assign the right blame
But I can’t go back, all I can do is just proceed and maintain
In the face of what seems to be Lorelei’s shame

You can’t feel it? Must be too heartless to deal with those oppressed and maltreated!
You won’t heal it? Then don’t complain when they congeal it!
There’s no applause for your defeat in it!

Knee high crimson, sticky, entropic, paste gold
As all the alchemists grow crusty & old
Far in the distance near a sparse country road
The folks sing and dance and tap their feet at the Fold

Where is the buzz when you need it the most?
Drowned by insipid anemic light toast

What will the bureau advance for today?
Some new facetious, ungrounded cadre?

So I was bitten by a dog whose bite was larger than his bark
And never again did I tread upon that street after dark
Eventually all will awake and the band will resume play
And never again will Lorelei lie, deceive or persuade

You don’t weep for it? I think you’re damaged with deep-knit
Soulless, bottom-feeding wits!
You can’t show it? Then how can you be certain you know it?
You’re surely doomed yet to blow it!

Drowning in Honolulu Blue river tide
We knew the acrobats were doomed to collide
Still Johnny Bravo took it hard when they died

A brand new despot outlawed Lorelei rants
And any other non-conform-able dance
Soon all the people grew to dread this new stance
So I emerged from the cave once I saw my last chance

© 2004-2018 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

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