Good Friday

Good Friday image“Good Friday” features both deep and complex philosophical lyrics and an incredibly rich musical arrangement. This song also holds the distinction as being the longest track on The Journey as well as the oldest Ric Albano composition for either the Sinclair Soul or the previous Imaginary Lines projects.

On this track, Ric Albano provides piano, bass, clavichord and lead vocals, along with Bret Alexander on acoustic and electric guitars and Ron Simasek on drums. The song is distinctive as being original composed as two tracks, the song proper and the instrumental coda section.

Song Details

Track #2 on the 2017 album The Journey
Composed by Ric Albano in March 2002
Recorded Saturation Acres in 2005 & 2017
Produced by Ric Albano
Ric Albano – vocals, bass, piano, keyboards
Bret Alexander – acoustic & electric guitars
Ron Simasek – drums, percussion

Listen to the Song:


An excruciating dose of harsh reality
On this dreary, dark, cold March afternoon
A refuted chunk of my personality
Is ground to dust within this air-tight room
I summon the ghost of the ancient one
Her name is on the tip of my tongue
And brace for a sharp ratiocination
But unmercifully that blow never comes

(So while I’m) dancing on the head of a stick
(Awaiting your) distinction between
“Joe Hero” and “Jack Convict”
(I’ll fight the) urge to quench the thirst of our ancestor’s cravings
By not behaving so burned and conned

As my illusion of grandeur slowly crashes
One underlying discourse starts within
Will today’s holy palms become the ashes-
That’ll accompany tomorrow’s changing hymns?
And so that brings us to Good Friday,
“We both knew this day would someday come”
Although fasting from meat may make you hungry
I never would have believed you’d eat your young

(In a room off) pothole infested roads we would play
(Those relative) games of black and white and shades of gray
(While fueling) the urge to fill the void in our ancestor’s yearnings
Without concerning this new paragon

Forsaken descendants, mechanical offspring
You’ll never have children
While the burden consumes you
Forsaken ancestry:
Tear down the Temple wall!
Firebomb the pyramids!
Level the twin towers then run!

But no one reminds me like you do
Of the ideals and ambitions that have been lost
All those naïve conclusions where we’d arrive, fooled
That all the best things in life must harbor cost
And so we return to Good Friday
A verge that we’ve expected all the while?
Can either of us see beyond today?
May Saturday’s dawn yet be compiled?

(Harmoniously) singing the songs of yesterday
(In an attempt to) fabricate the verbal games we’d play
(Our aria) is composed of tunes of our ancestor’s likeness-
Too polite to seize our day – carpe diem!
I want it all and I want it right now!

Forsaken opportunity, situation unforeseen,
You never did prepare for this day as reality
Forsaken opportunity:
Tear down the fortress walls!
Back-fill your foxhole!
Good Friday has come and now has gone!

© 2002-2017 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records

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