Composed by Ric Albano
between March and August 2013

Cleanse your ears to hear the future
To tell the world the bitter truth
The second most beautiful woman in the universe
Was drenched in madness through her youth

Cry in vain as no one will choose to hear you
Character stained and no one will even come near you
Cassandra can they ever see the light?

An endless, agonized frustration
Of knowing “x” but seeing “y”
Wouldn’t your life have been much easier if you had only just –
If you had just learned how to lie

The sky is falling but none will believe you
Night is calling and one dissolves without you
Cassandra will this be that fateful night?

I declare that springtime will start earlier this year
If I assume so much
Will I resume my touch of –
Steering ships through ancient rock infested waters?
Guided by ancient stars
The world in which we are looks quite the same

I declare that wintertime is over now
Ten days earlier than it was ever meant to be

Revealed as riddles and vague
Disjointed statements
Cast in the middle of rain
For the gods’ entertainment
The world is crumbling to dust
But no one believes you
Your peers have withdrawn their trust
And will not receive you
Cassandra will we ever get this right?

© 2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.