Blue Eagle

Composed by Ric Albano
between August 2008 and June 2013

I’ve seen the evil man clad in green
Harass an eight-year-old boy
With some gestures obscene
Just to try and spark a fit of outrage
And ruin our Sunday

He comes from a place where there are no dreams
And all good faith has dissolved into schemes
A poisoned legacy,
Commenced back seven decades

Blue eagle, fly eagle fly
Fascist symbol of the NRA
Fly eagle, blue eagle fly,
“We do our part” each and every day

The dark ages will begin in one week
And all innovation will be suppressed if not tweaked
Lack of purpose erodes the person to her core – and what for?

Merchants of death that have taken the floor
Crass and corrupt cronies who are minding the store
Well, never let a good ole’ crisis go away to waste – such a disgrace

Blue eagle, fly eagle fly
Chief propagandist for the corrupt OA
Fly eagle, blue eagle fly
Believe in change but only our way
Seeds of strange, frivolous days of decay

I see you there with your humorless smirk
Trashing all the natives for some cheap, lame perks
But don’t you realize how you have become such a bore – a true closed door

Don’t steal the vision from my eye
Nor the creativity from my fingertips
Don’t strip my courage or my pride
Or articulation from my lips
Don’t take the vision from my mind
Or my ability to see within
I love this universe that is mine
And optimism is my only sin
I live within, I live within
I want to sail my autarchic ship
I want to wail through nostalgic trips
I want to breathe and think and constitute
Sire, coin, and institute
Generate, formulate, forge and originate
The wave of the future days
Don’t steal the vision from eye
Or sell me false hope as my destiny
Don’t make assumptions that I’ll buy
Your crazy fantasy presented that way
Your naïve fallacy of frivolous days of decay
Blue eagle fly away

© 2008-2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.