The Best Revenge Is Living Well

Listen to the Song:

This is the planned final track for the upcoming 2021 Sinclair Soul album, The Girl With No Name.

Musicians (thus far)

Ric Albano – vocals, guitars, bass, piano
Ron Simasek – drums


I’ve got a nemesis for whom my demise seems the one and only wish
The best revenge is surely living well
And there’s this relative who just doesn’t believe in the motto to “live and let live”
The best revenge is to live well

Confident in sincere intent about the way things ought to be
Aspiration for authentic trends, making the amends
Towards which ends? I guess we’ll have to see

There was a pessimist who believed it over-ambitious to follow his bliss
Was he right or wrong? Time will never tell

Traveled far to my wisdom czar, who told me the way that things ought to be
Play a sweet guitar, sing aloud to the stars, whether simple or hard,
Take this just as far as it is meant to be, oh what’s it meant to be
Oh oh my soul flow forth with me, axioms and beliefs, so oh oh

There’s a brazen songbird who listens so closely when there is music to be heard
And so we journey onward towards a better realm
Knowing the best revenge is living well

© 2020-2021 Ric Albano and Cygnus Wave Records