Christmas-inspired single, composed by Ric Albano on January 7, 2020
Single released December 16, 2020

Listen to the Song:

“Wednesday” is a somber Christmas song which was released as a single by Sinclair Soul in December 2020.

Ric Albano – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass
Bret Alexander – electric guitars, organ
Ron Simasek – drums


Peace, such a subjective measure
This time that should be treasured
Now finds me here all alone

Eyes, there’s no eyes to look into
There’s no love to begin to cultivate on my own

But it’s not Christmas no, it’s just Wednesday
And surely I don’t feel so alone
It’s just some late December Wednesday,
Another ordinary weekday here at home

The dream, the dream was just some measure
A way to gauge the latest pleasure
A way to orchestrate the unknown

But it’s not Christmas no, it’s just Wednesday
And soon I’ll activate that phone
And call someone on who I depend and say,
“On this Wednesday please help me strike an ever finer tone”

The star is no longer there to guide me
Why has God chosen to hide me in this empty palace alone?
As a prince chained to his cold throne
With emotions turning to stone
On a Christmas Wednesday alone

© 2020 Ric Albano & Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.