The Wrong Side of the Road

Composed by Ric Albano
between November 2012 and April 2013

Go along to just get along
This just did not agree with me
So I blazed my trail, forged my own details
And that caused some friends to flee

An extra layer of the bland naysayers
They told me what I could not do
And when I set my course with an independent source
Well, they claimed that I was through

I walked down the wrong side of the road
And was ejected from the Clique
True rebels cannot exist
In a world such as this

Kindness absorbs chambers of my heart
But that can’t be a credit to me
Must be the golden sword or the brilliant charts
From my benevolent city

And if I glance at my own compass
Not calibrated to their clock tower
Well then I must be checked
And I must be suspect
And I must have greed for power

If you travel down the wrong side of the road
You’ve got to be aware of what’s in store
Strange arrays of suddenly padlocked doors and concrete floors

If you refute the hype and the stereotype
Then their machine just cannot compute
The world in which ole’ Johnny Bravo
No longer fits the suit

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