Karma Song

Composed by Ric Albano
between July 2010 and June 2013

My faithful love, the best part of my life
A thousand mandolins strike a chord when you are in my sight
My iron dove who saved from the strife
Of a thousand endless holes
Along the road on a pitch black night

When will I see you again?
It’s imperative for my soul to be cleansed
On the scorching sands of my mythology
I’ll recite my ultimate apology, until it mends
And then we’ll see, what shall be

Should I leap in the ravine?
The bottomless hole of my dreams
My heart says yes, my head says no
But will I go, God only knows

Crazy contemporaries, dancing on the brink
They say every generation has its own, distinct medication
We have seen the sun
And we’ve walked upon the moon
But drifted off to the dark side of Mars
Where we sang our tune

When will I see you again?
I’m at the crest of the hill and the valley appears without end
On the stinging ice of this reality
It is impossible to find someone to dance with me, or to defend
Where is my soul? Where did it go?

In some secret camouflaged lake
Filled with all my past mistakes
I will retrieve the rest of me
But will it show, God only knows

We do our best to keep a perfect nest
But sometimes deeds do not succeed in being interpreted
We stay above and practice laws of love
But sometimes vision is met with derision and hurt for us

What comes around
To keep us safe and sound
Some magic charm to bring
A karma thing, artistic justice
And if a plethora of oil
Conceals your brilliant diamond
And you think you’re through
And the air is ten layers of blue
But I won’t give up on you…

© 2010-2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.