Composed by Ric Albano in August 2013

I’ll burn my soul in effigy
Just to prove that what you’ve done to me
Is so wrong, so long
I’ll leave this stage in a fiery rage
And shake the bars of my new cage
Ole’ Kong’s eternal song

But how will I feel 13 hours from now?
How will I deal with the spinning wheels,
The closure steals, the crooked deals
I’ll drink
Wasting another moment of life
Getting liquored to the brink
Spending another night of my prime
Staring through a cup of drink

I prove my own theorems all the time
Within the ballrooms of my own mind
This truth, requires no proof
I’ve seen the sunrise of the days
When things will work in better ways
But that year is not yet here

Where does someone like me find a retreat?
Where’s my sanctuary, my security,
My amnesty from drink
I can’t compile the day,
I need to find a better way to think
Beyond contemporary forms of mind rejuvenating –

Storms on a lackluster, boring day
Can’t seem to muster up the will
To bring it forward in any other way
Do you concede my side?
Or do you attack my pride?
Can I remember things before the bitter shattering?
I’ll wake up on the side
Approach a brand new ride
Become a better human being
Remembering everything I forgot

How will I ponder this 13 months from now?
Will this be the fateful day
When I hit bottom
And propelled back up somehow
Living the moments of my life
On a smoother plane, somehow
Giving the thinner days of my prime
A much clearer lane, somehow…

© 2013 Cygnus Wave Records. All Rights Reserved.